Welcome Anna Kraft

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"Hello! My name is Anna Kraft.  I am a student at Ozark Christian College.  I can’t wait to spend the summer helping kids learn more about Jesus!"

April 25, 2020


Hi, CGS Friends!


We’re happy to welcome Anna Kraft (one of our long-time CGS camper and helper veterans) officially as our 2020 CGS Summer Intern.  Today, April 15, is her first day on the job.  Welcome to our CGS 2020 staff, Anna!  We’re so glad to have you join us.


Anna will be working closely with me and our CGS staff to prepare for and promote our 2020 camp season.  You will be receiving updates from Anna from time to time this spring and summer as we prepare for our 2020 Camp of the Good Shepherd Summer Bible Camps.


See you at camp!


Brother Joel Burkum

FGCI/CGS Executive Director

Important Update!

April 9, 2020

Dear CGS Friends, Campers, Parents, Staff and Helpers,

          For most of us, plans for spring and summer activities have been upended by the Coronavirus pandemic.  I pray that you are all doing well during these times.  We pray for God in His mercy to end the spread of this virus.  May He keep you safe and healthy.

          We want you to know that we’re still planning to go forward with our CGS Summer Bible Camps schedule (including our Rally@theCamp! Day on Saturday, May 30th), Lord willing and the government permits us to gather.  However, we will be pausing online preregistrations until May 15.  Below we’ve provided answers to some of the questions you might have regarding our plans for this summer’s Bible camps program.  Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. 

          I pray that this shutdown ends soon.  Lord willing, I look forward to seeing you at Camp of the Good Shepherd this summer.   It’s true...Jesus is STILL the answer to all of life’s important questions!  
Joel Burkum
FGCI / CGS Executive Director