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The best moments of your childhood are still happening . . .  

Welcome all! I hope you
are having a great winter! Looking forward to when we can have fun l
earning about Jesus at Bible camp this summer.

Have your kids been able to make memories like yours? Years pass through jam-packed calendars. Family members sit in separate rooms. Cell phones are the focal point.

It wasn't like that when you were a kid. You played outside with other kids, in person. You experienced scrapes and sunburns. You played ball, watched clouds change shape, and cooked hotdogs over a fire.

It was in these moments you were able to slow down, think about life... and connect with Jesus - the Good Shepherd.

Some of the most life-changing, unforgettable moments you may remember are still happening every week at Camp of the Good Shepherd. Contact us to find out how you can help your children find friends and faith for a lifetime, just like you did!  


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Bible Camp 2023

Schedule is
Now Available!

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