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Volunteer Opportunities


Camp Volunteer


If you would like to have a fulfilling experience serving the Lord while influencing the lives of young people attending Camp of the Good Shepherd this summer, we would love to have you consider serving as a CGS Volunteer for one or more camp sessions.


As a volunteer, you will help retrieve supplies, run errands, assist children with games and crafts, help with setting up and breaking down activities, provide additional supervision at the pool, assist with cleaning, and much more to assist staff and students to have a safe and enjoyable camp experience. 


Adults of any age and Youth ages 13 and older may apply for a CGS Volunteer position.

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Camp "Sheepdog"


No good shepherd would ever be caught without his trusty sheep dogs to protect his herd and make the sheep feel secure and comfortable. It’s the same at Camp of the Good Shepherd. 


We need “Sheepdogs,” our trusty teen helpers, to help our Facilities Manager keep camp running smoothly and looking great for our “sheep,” the campers. CGS Sheepdogs will serve alongside our CGS Facilities Manager to do custodial work, prepare campfires, set up recreation equipment, serve in the kitchen, clean the pool, set up chapel, classrooms and craft areas, etc. Sheepdogs may serve at one or more camp sessions. 


Young people in Junior High or High School may apply for this position. “Sheepdog” volunteers may be eligible for a discount on their camp tuition during the summer in which they serve.

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Camp Intern


Camp of the Good Shepherd Bible camps are led by volunteer Deans (usually pastoral staff members) from CGS area churches. Our deans rely on their volunteer staff to make their camps function effectively and efficiently. Deans will select their staff of teachers, speakers, worship leaders and helpers, but they will be assisted by Camp of the Good Shepherd Interns who will be serving at all CGS graded Bible camp sessions. 


CGS Interns will work with FGCI/CGS staff and deans to prepare for all of the graded camps that take place during the summer season. A CGS internship provides a great opportunity for college students or High School graduates to learn how to serve in ministry, as CGS Interns will be required to serve in a large variety of capacities (registering campers, leading a family group, teaching a Bible class, performing dramas and skits, leading a campfire devotion, song leading, counseling kids, leading recreational activities, being a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” in the dorms, serving in the kitchen, and doing other work “as needed” by the Dean) during the course of the summer. 


CGS internship starts a week prior to the first camp of the season and continues through the end of the last graded Bible camp (unless special arrangements are made with FGCI/CGS staff prior to acceptance into the internship program). See schedule for camp dates. College Students and High School Graduates may apply for this position. CGS Interns who complete their entire term of service will be eligible for a Love Gift from Camp of the Good Shepherd.

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